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Nov 30
1601 GP9 ON Rail scheme. A nice panoramic shot of 1601 in her new colours. Englehart Nov '02 Gene Albert
2000 FP7A/EGU Yellow/Blue paint scheme - A Cat on the head of a southbound Northlander. Full consist view. Englehart Feb '02 David Westaway
1801 GP38-2 ON Rail scheme. A nice full view in the North Bay yard. North Bay Summer '02 Arnold McKale
HiRail Here is a shot of new highrail#648 taken June2001 in the parking lot of the Oak St. offices. North Bay Jun '01 James Lalande
1986 TEE control cab is of #1986-4 as of March 25, 2002. North Bay Mar '02 A.J.M Landry
HiRail HiRail 624 in fornt of the Feronia sign. Feronia Jul '01 James Lalande
Tamper Tamper 52-1841 Mi 11.7, Tem Sub Jun '01 James Lalande
Ballast Ballast regulator Mi 11.7, Tem Sub Jun '01 James Lalande

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