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Link Description Location Date Photo Credit

Stm219 4-6-0 - Sitting outside ONR shops.(Mile 77) Cochrane May '98 Wayne Rigaudie
Stm223 4-6-0 - CLC unit with the Cochrane to Porquis local. Porquis Jct. Aug '39 Frank Vollhardt collection
Stm305 2-8-2 - ONR tinkered with its 17 300series 2-8-2s until each one became unique.None more than 305 which survived a head on and was rebuilt in kind at Kingston.Here we see it in its final form with streamlined cab, Baker gear, and Elesco exhaust steam injectors.The airpump was under the engineers cab side. which made it the only 300 as such. Cochrane May '50 Frank Vollhardt
Stm317 2-8-2 - "The 317 started like as 312, but after two head on wrecks both on Jan. first it was rebuilt and numbered 317 to break the curse.It lasted until the end of steam operation" Kirkland Lake Jul '54 Frank Vollhardt collection
Stm402 2-8-0 - "En route south for scrapping." Allendale Sep '52 Frank Vollhardt collection
Stm603 "ONR 603 stored at Englehart 7-24-54 just a few months before being towed to Hamilton for scrapping" Englehart Jul '54 D. Ganger (from Frank Vollhardt collection)
Stm603 "ONR 603 at Cochrane roundhouse 6-52 You can see the lighter shade paint of the green tender and cab." Cochrane Jun '52 B.F.Cutler (from Frank Vollhardt collection)
Stm701 4-6-2 - Last steam train on the ONR Latchford Jun '57 Sheila Godby
Stm701 4-6-2 - On display in Englehart(NLR) Englehart '94 Willie G. Smith
Stm701 4-6-2 - Shortly after repaint (for display). Englehart '98 James Lalande
Stm701 4-6-2 - Day after restoration. Englehart '98 Arnold McKale
Stm703 4-6-2 - With tender on turntable." Too bad this is not in color, for the deflectors, the cab and tender are in green paint.Accented by a red circle with yellow wing." Cochrane '51 Frank Vollhardt collection
Stm901 0-8-0 - MLW unit with tender. Englehart '41 Frank Vollhardt collection
Stm1100 4-8-4 Refueling by coal dock. Temagami 1943 James Adams
Stm1100 4-8-4 Refueling by steel coal dock.. Timmins Aug '50 N/A
Stm1103 4-8-4 Just sitting there looking pretty. Timmins '51 Frank Vollhardt collection