"The Northlander" Newsletter

Volume I
Issue 2
Spring 2001

In the second issue of "The Northlander", readers will get a look at the progress of the ONRH&TS over its first year in Cindy Gilbert's Article. A first hand look at current news and events is brought to the readers by a regular article, "In The News," by Neil Stabler. A brief message from Rob Godby brings the readers up to date on the group. A first for this publication, a letters section from readers, their views, responses and opinions. The main focus of this issue is the Northlander TEE set. This is covered first by a brief history of the TEE sets by Rob Godby. Secondly, a first hand account of a derailment, leading to the retirment of a TEE set, by Rob Godby, Gary Murry and Frank Vollhardt. Also included is the current membership list of the ONRH&TS, as well as the photo section.


(The newsletter is printed on standard paper and stapled. Some effort was made to investigate the use of glossy paper, but at the current time the cost of such a publication is excessive given our financial resources.)