"The Northlander" Newsletter

Volume I
Issue I
Autumn 2000

The first issue describes areas of interest to ONR/T&NO fans- a short history of the impact of the railway on the Elk Lake/Gowganda/Latchford area of Ontario. This is covered in two stories, one describing Latchford (article by Robert Godby), and the other describing the reasons for the building of the Elk Lake branch (article by Al Stacey). Both stories complement each other to give readers an idea of the railroad's impact on the region at the turn of the century. The Latchford article also details some of the interesting lumbering operations that took place in the town and that could be modelled into the 1950's. Frank Vollhardt has also contributed an article detailing the history of the various paint schemes the ONR's FP7's have worn.


(The newsletter is printed on standard paper and stapled. Some effort was made to investigate the use of glossy paper, but at the current time the cost of such a publication is excessive given our financial resources.)