Saturday, September 13, 2003

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Tembec’s Kenogami saw mill resumes production

Back to work - Rick Brassard, chair of the Tembec Task Force and provincial Progressive Conservative candidate, is shown standing in the parking lot of Tembec’s Kenogami saw mill, as heavy equipment is getting logs ready to enter the mill.


Tuesday, September 09, 2003 - 08:00

Local News - Kirkland Lake:

At last there is some good economic news for Kirkland Lake.

Monday work started at Tembec’s Kenogami saw mill, which has sat idle for many months.

Rick Brassard, who chaired the task force to save the Tembec Kenogami Mill, visited the mill Monday and sees the re-opening of the mill as being very positive for the local economy and local families.

Brassard, who is also running for the Progressive Conservative party in the provincial election, said the task force, which was made up of area stakeholders met several times and formed a small group to discuss the mill’s future.

“When all was said and done, we see the results now 30 employees and five mangement (working),” said Brassard.

He continued “its great news for returning, plus new employees, it is great news for the economy of the region.

We are extremely pleased with the way things turned out,” said Brassard.

Brassard said this is just the beginning and that they will be looking at value added products being produced at the mill.’

The conservative candidate said he is very grateful to Tembec for investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Kenogami mill. He thanked the company for believing in the vision and this will payoff for families, the company and the region.

Brassard said now that the Tembec Kenogami mill is up and running it provides stability and they will be talking with other forestry companies about locating in the area.

In thanking the other task force members, including Kirkland Lake Mayor Bill Enouy and Kirkland Lake’s Director of Corporate Services Don Studholme, Brassard said the task force had many hurdles to overcome, many problems to solve, and this has resulted in a tremendous solution. Brassard said he looks forward to working with Tembec as a partner in the region for many years to come.

In commenting on the reopening of the mill Mayor Enouy said: “Its been a long time coming but the task force never wavered on our commitment to get these employees back to work. The mill is an important part of the local economy and we will continue to ensure the long term viability of the site.”

Brassards also thanked the president of Tembec, saying: “I am confident that the investment that Mr. (Frank) Dittori is making in the Kenogami site will be a positive one and the Kenogami mill will be an economic generator for the Tembec family for years to come.”

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