Friday, September 19, 2003

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Adams Mine lanfill proponents seek permission to begin project


Wednesday, September 17, 2003 - 08:00

Local News - Kirkland Lake:

Proponents of the Adams Mine landfill site are working through the procedures needed to build the landfill site.

John Steel, spokesperson for the Ministry of Environment said there are a number of approval they must receive under their certificate of approval.

Currently there is an application before the Ministry of Environment to take water, which would allow the water to be pumped out of the Adams Mine pit.

Steel said they probably need two permits to take water and they must file a final detailed plan for director’s approval with the MOE. There are a number of things required under the legislation.

He confirmed that there is an application to the MOE for the permit to dewater the pit, which will be reviewed. This could take up to 30 days to be reviewed technically. It will be put on the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry for public comment. The public comment period is 45 days, and then depending on the number of comments it will probably take up to 90 days to review the comments.

Steel said then the director will base his opinion on the technical review and the public comments

He said the hydrogeoligist that works for the MOE will review the undertaking during this process.

Gordon McGuinty of Rail Haul North confirmed this week that it is their intent to develop the project and have it ready for 2005, when Toronto’s contract with Michigan comes up for renewal.

He also acknowledge there are additional permits needed and other work to be done to advance the project.

Raul Haul North has also called for an expression of interest from local contractors, so when the project advances as much work as possible will be given to contractors in Timiskmaing and Cochrane.

Adams Mine is a former iron ore mine that has three open pits. Rail haul North plans call for one of those pits to be developed into a landfill site with capacity for 20 years.

This project was first proposed about 10 years ago.

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